5 Easy toast recipes to try for breakfast

Here are some easy toast recipes to up your breakfast game real quick

Do you know the feeling when you love cooking but you’re so bad at it?

I do!

And it’s why a lot of my ‘meals’ during breakfast consist of things arranged on toast.

I still love it though. In this post I’ll be sharing some easy, fairly healthy and easy toast recipes you could try for your next breakfast.

They are not mindblowing recipes, but they are classic, delicious and hard to mess up. 🙂

1) Garlic butter toast

Calories: About 100 calories per slice

Instructions: Rub a clove of sliced garlic on your toast before spreading butter on.

Why should you try it: This method infuses the garlic’s aroma into the bread and makes fragrant in a way chopped garlic can’t. Game changer!

2) Cream cheese toast

Calories (per slice):
Plain – About 100 calories
Cucumbers – About 100 calories as well (cucumbers are really low in calories!)
Blueberries – About 200 calories

Instructions: Pair a slice of cream cheese toast with salt/cucumbers/blueberries

Why you should try it: These classic combinations work really well.

Salt + Cream cheese = Mild savoury cheese flavour
Cucumbers + Cream cheese = Fresh and crunchy (cucumbers) but also indulgent (cream cheese)
Blueberries + Cream cheese = Similar to blueberry cheese tarts or cheesecakes

3) Loaded peanut butter banana toast

Calories: About 270 calories per slice

Instructions: Spread peanut butter on bread, add sliced bananas, cereal, maple syrup, and a sprinkle of salt (optional)

Why you should try it: It’s so well balanced. It’s nutty/fruity and sweet/savoury. Also, it’s really indulgent. 🙂

4) Egg toast

Plain – About 140 calories
Bacon – 260 calories
Herbs – Around 140 calories
Baby asparagus – Around 150 calories, with four spears of baby asparagus

Instructions: Pour a beaten egg into a hot pan, push it away with a spatula so it folds over on itself, then place on bread. Add salt and pepper, and any other ingredients you like, like bacon, herbs, or baby asparagus.

Why you should try it: It’s nutritious and worth spending another 5-10 minutes on if you want a nice and quick breakfast before work!

5) Avocado toast

Sliced avocado – About 190 calories
Mashed avocado – About 230 calories
Mashed avocado with fried egg – About 320 calories

Instructions: Place sliced avocado on toast; or mash it with chopped garlic, onions and tomatoes, before squeezing lime over it and seasoning with salt and pepper.

Why you should try it: I feel like people (in Singapore at least) don’t do avocado toast very often cause they think it’s a hassle or difficult to make, but noooope it’s easy. 🙂

(As long as the avocado isn’t rotten haha.)

And that was my take on easy toast recipes! What are your faves?