She did this one thing, and it changed everything – w/ Dear Alyne

This woman chooses to use her influence to give other people a voice.

sara mahendran, sara's take, Alyne Tamir

This is the story of someone who isn’t afraid to speak up, no matter what. This is about Dear Alyne, a content creator with a million followers. And it’s about how her speaking up led to hundreds of thousands of people having a voice.

I met Alyne when she came to Singapore with Nas Daily, and that was when I got to learn more of her values and what goes into making her videos.

sara mahendran, sara's take, Alyne Tamir

In these videos, she speaks up for women who are disrespected and oppressed. She speaks up for girls who deal with self-esteem issues and feel like they are limited in life.

And she tackles these serious issues in such a fun way, you always feel uplifted after every video.

I loved that she used her position of influence to spread good messages, and would think that if I too ever got to the point of having many followers, then I would finally be able to make a difference.

But that mindset changed when I joined her Facebook group, Girls Gone Global (by Dear Alyne).

Honestly, it was such an eye-opening experience.

Because for the first time, I experienced a community of so many supportive women who openly asked vulnerable questions, shared their experiences, and gave advice freely.

So many women heal in this group and some even meet up and form friendships (like I did!)

sara mahendran, sara's take, Alyne Tamir

Alyne created a safe space where over 100,000 women were able to make a difference in others’ lives.

So I realised that even simple things like ‘liking’ or commenting on posts can be really impactful too. I used to think it was pointless but I realised that even small actions count, because they can start the ball rolling.

Sometimes it’s simply about spreading a little bit of joy or reassurance.

And I’m thankful for people like her who start conversations and spark discussions about things that matter. And I think that is something we could all aspire to do, no matter how many followers we have.