Nas Daily shares his thoughts on his life, struggles and hopes

I watched my first Nas Daily video years ago, when one-minute videos were still a novelty and the standard travel video was at least five minutes long – so to see so much content crammed into 60 seconds was a little mind-blowing.

A few years later, I had the chance to meet the man behind the videos himself, when he came to film in Singapore, because he accepted a video idea I pitched (the one about rental boyfriends).

A screengrab from the rental boyfriend video

When we met, I got to see first hand his work ethic, drive, and how he lived every single day with that one solid resolve – To make a video.

Seeing him and his team work like that, and knowing that there’s so much below the surface made me want to make videos of them.

I ended up making two of Nas, and the first one is called Small Talk, Deep Talk, and the second is All Walks of Life – with Nas Daily:


Small Talk

What’s your most used emoji?

I don’t like emojis

You don’t like emojis? Okay.

If you could do any sport, what would you do?

*long pause*

I don’t like sports

What’s your favourite app on your phone, other than social media?

Umm… Transportation apps.

Very practical! Okay.

How long are you going to stay in Singapore?

Credit: @hollauna / Instagram

At least 2 years.

Really hard to tell. Could be we leave next month – emergency or we die here in 20 years. You never know.

Do you ever watch TV shows or movies?

Rarely. I don’t like watching the competition.

What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

Scrolling Facebook.

Heh heh, me too.

Okay, moving on to personal talk.

What’s your diet like?

I eat to live, I don’t live to eat.

What’s one thing many people don’t know about you?

Credit: @dearalyne / Instagram

One thing people don’t know about me? I look very fun in the videos, but in reality, I’m a lot more boring.

What were you like 10 years ago?

Uh… Shy, acne… erm… loser.


I was just a loser. And lonely, I guess lonely, you could say lonely.

And then videos changed your life?

Uh… videos made my life better but they didn’t change my life.

It’s a process.

It was a process, it was really gradual. Videos were just one part of it.

If you weren’t doing Nas Daily, what would you be doing right now?

I would be a software engineer at a tech company in the United States, and I would be bored to death.

Moving on to deep talk.

Oh boy.

What do you think was the biggest impact you made?

Credit: @nasdaily / Instagram

It’s hard to quantify and I think the real answer is, I don’t know. It was probably making someone not kill themselves. I don’t think it can get bigger than that.

What do you wanna improve about yourself?

I want to be better at trust. I want to be more trusting

But I’m not.

What does your ideal life look like?

I don’t think there’s ever going to be an ideal like… I think I live for the future. I don’t think there’s ever going to be like, now I’m happy, settling down. There’s never satisfaction. I’m always hungry.

It’s good because it made Nas Daily. It’s bad because it kills you.

What do you think your final words would be? Like, in life?

That’s a good question.

I guess the classical answer is I love you. Um… but it would probably be… God if you exist, I’m sorry for all my mistakes. That would be my final thing.

In the second interview I had with him, I wanted to know what drives him, how he wants to make an impact with his work, and just how bad it could get, when you’re making videos every single day.


How bad can it get?

How bad can it get? It f****s up your brain, that’s how bad it can get.


Cause if you do it every day, every day you have to come up with a creative process, and every day you have to work for ten hours, and every day you have to speak in front of millions.

Also, you can make mistakes. So every day is an opportunity to make a mistake. And some mistakes… if you make a mistake, it can be very costly. Say the wrong thing, film the wrong thing. Misrepresent things. All these things are potential mistakes.

Every day is a risk you take. And if you care, it’s a lot of stress.

Anything that’s worth doing is stressful. 

That’s true.

So what makes it worth it for you?

Credit: @nasdaily / Instagram

Meeting new people. I met you. I met him, I met him. That’s the whole point of it, it’s that you’re meeting more people. It’s nice to meet electricians. It’s nice to meet politicians. It’s nice to meet software engineers. It’s nice to meet filmmakers.

Why? I mean not everyone has that, so maybe not everyone can relate. So why is meeting people great for you.

Uhh, it’s fun. Everyone has a different personality. Everyone’s a little bit crazy in their own ways. It’s really nice to have all these people in your life. Rather than only people like you. And if you only surround yourself with people like you, you don’t really live.

What do you hope people gain when they watch your videos?

Credit: @nasdaily / Instagram

I hope immediately after they watch my video, they go to Wikipedia. Or I hope they go to Google. Or I hope they share it with a friend or I hope they talk about it. That’s it, I hope they talk about it. I hope they talk about things that are important. And I want my videos to be about the important stuff.

If it makes them rethink certain topics, then the mission is accomplished. If it makes them hate less, if it makes them love more. If it makes them better, because I’m trying to become better too. Then we’ve both succeeded.

I hope that these interviews gave you an eye-opening perspective to Nas Daily, just like it did for me. 🙂 I’ll be making more videos on interesting people from all walks of life, soon, so be sure to follow me on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram if you want to stay notified.