What is a creative bank? – If you are a creative, you need to know this

It’s an elegant solution to overcoming writer’s block.

I love the concept of a ‘creative bank’ because it’s an elegant solution to writer’s block.

A creative bank is where you store inspiration.

Watched an inspiring movie lately? You get a few creative ‘dollars’ for that.

Read an insightful book? You get points for that too.

Every time you do something that stokes your inspiration or creativity, your creative bank gets a deposit. And every time you create something, like an article, social media post, or video, you withdraw funds from the creative bank.

When I go too long without a deposit, I face a writer’s block. Even if I force myself to write out of necessity, it comes out lacklustre and uninspired.

What I love about this concept is that it gives me a reason to go out and do something that gets my mind feeling fresh again. I could listen to a podcast, chat with some friends, or even have a cup of coffee at a cafe and people watch (pre-lockdown, of course).

Soon enough, whatever insights I gleaned, observations I made and fresh perspectives I gained would translate into ideas bubbling in my head.

Do you agree with the concept of a creative bank? If yes, what best fills your bank? If no, how do you overcome writer’s block?