What to do when people won’t stop sending you spam messages

Here’s a working six-step solution that solves your problem of annoying spam messages.

^Be sure to watch the video! It’s a funny one.

If people won’t stop spamming you with those daily good morning messages, try this six-step┬ásolution! It’s legit. :p

This is all based on my real life experience by the way! I would receive 2-3 good morning messages every day and I hated that a badly photoshopped image was the first thing I saw every morning. :l

Thankfully things are chill now and I’m glad I’m now on good terms with everyone LOL

Oh I still get daily good morning messages from my grandaunt without fail though (hi athea paathi!) And I have come to accept that’s just her way of interacting with loved ones, the same way I’d send memes and cute doggy videos to my friends and family. ­čÖé


The voiceover is done by the incredible Ajay @ajaygovinda
Camera work: @elijahyesuraj
Animation: @tohweiliang

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